About Us

Welcome to our Website!
Real Istanbul Tours is a team of licensed, professional tour guides here in Istanbul ready to take you on the expedition of your dreams. We all have our degrees in Tourism and Guiding and have been providing private tours and excursions throughout Istanbul and Turkey for many years.
Real Istanbul Tours has assembled the best tour guides in the business, who love their city and love their work in order to provide you with a fun, informative, and intriguing personal tour of our city and its fabulous sights and museums.
Istanbul is a special city with its own charm and character. We will take you on a journey through its rich 10,000-year history starting from its founding, through the Roman and Ottoman Empires, and up to the modern-day. We will fill your guided tour with detailed historical knowledge and thrilling stories that will make the history of our great city come alive! In the mood to get deep into the local culture? We can do that too!
Each Turkey and Istanbul tour is unique in itself and we look forward to sharing this experience with you. This city is our home and you are our welcomed guest.
Customize your trip by adding in the attractions of your choice and enjoy the personal attention of our local guides that would provide you with amazing historical facts about each place you visit thus dispensing you with the lengthy tourist manuals and the much-made mistakes of the newbies in the region. The Real Istanbul Tour can be contacted at any time of the day for booking and reservation purposes and the Tourists can reach the Tourist guide by email or phone calls. For more details, here is the official website of Real Istanbul Tours.